Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FairPoint Broadband Coverage Map

Just discovered FairPoint's map of current, and planned broadband coverage.  I think this must have been added over the summer. 

The map is a real step forward in public relations.  It gives the frustrated under-served an inkling of progress being made.  I am attempting to confirm that the 2010 planned work is progressing on schedule.  Disclaimer: I have a large measure of self-interest in that my town, the Internet black hole of Northport, is apparently included in the 2010 plans...


  1. Thank you for your blog. Just read through most of your posts, while trying to catch up with news on the so called three ring binder fiber network in Maine. I couldn't help but think they should have gone for four rings by also running a line along I295 & I95 from Portland to Bangor. Kennebec county could use some Fiber as well, but I'm happy to learn about the Fairpoint expansion map and see it should be reaching Augusta soon. Looking forward to their 2011 plans.
    Frank D.
    (aka icerabbit - icerabbit.com)

  2. Kind of old but northport has dsl now


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